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How do I set up my Leaders Card Control App?

Ensure the safety of your card by controlling when and if your card can be used and monitor any card transactions with the Leaders Card Control App.

Step 1:

Visit your app store and download "Leaders Card Controls" app.

Download for IOS: https://hubs.li/Q015y5Sq0; For Google Play: https://hubs.li/Q015y5J40

Step 2:

Set up your login information

Step 3:

Add your Debit Cards or Leaders Visa information. You may also add joint card owners in your household. (spouse, child, etc.) 

Step 4:

Enjoy the many features within the app such as:

-Locking and unlocking your cards for use.

-Setting up text notifications for each card transaction made. 

-Setting your card(s) for travel mode if you will be shopping outside your normal area, going on vacation, or traveling for work.