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What are the benefits of a Future Leader Savings Account?

At Leaders, we believe saving is a learned discipline. We encourage kids and teens to form saving habits early in life with these incentives: 

  • Receive a sticker on your reward card with each in-branch deposit of $5 or more. 
  • Earn a prize or enter to win a quarterly drawing with each filled reward card.
  • Receive a deposit, courtesy of Leaders, into your Future Leader account for perfect school attendance or for “A” grades on your report card.

Please note: Deposit is made when a report card or perfect school year attendance report is presented in-branch with a limit of 4 report cards and/or 1 perfect attendance report per school year. Report card deposits are made once each quarter and are $1 per “A” or “Excellent” grade with a limit of $5 per report card. A perfect attendance deposit is made at the end of the school year and is $10.

To learn more, visit our Future Leader Savings Account page


Help your child save for the future.

One step in supporting your Future Leader’s growth is with a savings account that encourages and educates them to save while earning rewards. Future Leader can also earn incentives that promote good grades, perfect school attendance, and creativity.

Open a Future Leader Savings Account Online.