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How to sign up for a direct deposit through your employer

Sign up for direct deposit with your employer for a quicker and more efficient way to get paid. Follow these three quick and easy steps to put your paycheck on autopilot and use your time for yourself!

Important Information to Have Ready

Leaders Routing Number: 284383886

Your account number: Can be found on the bottom of your personal checks. 

A voided check or deposit ticket to verify the routing and account numbers. 

Leaders' address: P.O. Box 10008, Jackson, TN 38308

Step 1 

Download this form.

Step 2 

Fill in the appropriate account information (For help finding your account information click here).

Step 3

Give the filled out form to your HR Supervisor by hand or via email. 

Benefits of Direct Deposit

- Faster access to pay

- Safer than other methods of pay and eliminates the risk of losing a paper check

- No fees for having it set up

- More convenient and accessible

- Can help accumulate “Automatic Savings.”